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​​​The aims of Senior Schooling

The aim of Senior Schooling at Burpengary State Secondary College is to ensure students are on a pathway for success beyond schooling. Burpengary State Secondary College aims for every student to obtain a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) through the successful completion of school based subjects or Vocational education courses.

Senior curriculum offerings​

Burpengary State Secondary College offers a broad range of subjects, allowing students to best design their pathway beyond school. Curriculum offerings include:

ATARs and Tertiary entrance

Students wishing to move into Tertiary study will need to obtain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). An ATAR will be calculated on either:

  • a student's best 5 General subject results, or
  • a student's best results in a combination of 4 General subjects, plus either one Applied subject result OR completed VET qualification at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate III level or above.

Tracking your QCE

Students graduating can track their progress towards their QCE through the My QCE website. Students will be asked to create an account in Year 11. If you require assistance to create or edit an account, please contact the Head of Senior Schooling.

SET planning in Ye​​​ar 10

In Year 10, Burpengary State Secondary College works with students and parents/carers to develop a Senior Education and Training (SET) plan. The SET plan helps students structure their senior learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions. Throughout year 10, students are provided with opportunities to explore their options through a Career Education program.

A year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Evening will be held late Term 2 of each year. This evening is crucial for students and parents to gain further insight into potential subject choices for their senior schooling which align with their pathway choices.

SET Plan interviews will be held at the school in Term 3 of each year. SET Plan interviews involve a representative of the school, Year 10 Parents/Carer and the student. During these interviews students will further develop their SET Plan and solidify their senior subject choices.  

SET Plans are reviewed at various stages throughout Years 11 and 12 to make sure subjects and learning are right for individual students, and to ensure pathways are maintained to the courses and careers students want after Year 12.

Subject Selection 2022

Subject pages for Senior Subjects and Vocational Education and Training Courses (VET) are located under the relvant curriculum pages​ to assist students and carers to make an informed decision about the senior subject offering here at Burpengary State Secondary College.

If you information about current subject offerings or content, please contact the relevant Head of Department for further information. Contact details can be found on our Staff page.

OneSchool Guide

OneSchool step by step guide for students (PDF, 196 KB)

Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments (AARA)

AARA are provided to minimize, as much as possible, barriers for students whose disability, impairment, medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to access or participate in assessment. Students may also be eligible for AARA where illness and misadventure (i.e. unforeseen circumstances) or other situations may prevent them from demonstrating their learning, knowledge and skill in internal and/or external summative assessment.

Students are eligible for AARA on the following grounds:

To minimise, as much as possible, barriers for a student whose disability, impairment, medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to read, respond to or participate in assessment.

These barriers fall into three broad categories:

  • permanent
  • temporary
  • intermittent

The QCAA uses broad application categories for AARA eligibility:

  • cognitive
  • physical
  • sensory
  • social/emotional
  • illness and misadventure

(Students whose ability to attend or participate in an assessment is adversely affected by illness or an unexpected event may be eligible for illness and misadventure access arrangements and/or reasonable adjustments. Illness and misadventure can affect a single student or a group of students.)

Students are NOT eligible for AARA on the following grounds:

  • Unfamiliarity with the English language
  • Teacher absence or other teacher-related difficulties
  • Matters that the student could have avoided (e.g. misreading an exam timetable, misreading instructions in exams)
  • Timetable clashes
  • Matters of the student's or parent's own choosing (e.g. family holidays or sporting events)
  • Matters that the school could have avoided (e.g. incorrect enrolment in a subject)

AARA applications must include:

  1. BSSC AARA application form
  2. Evidence to support the application

For applications on medical grounds, this includes the 'Confidential Medical Report' Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), unless the student has a current Education Adjustment Program (EAP) verification.

For applications for non-medical circumstances or misadventure, this includes documentary evidence that the circumstances were unforeseen and unavoidable.

Examples may include a police report, court notice, funeral notice of immediate family member.

Applications may also include a student statement about the impact of their medical condition or disability on their ability to complete assessment.

For further information, refer to the links on the side of this page. ​​

Last reviewed 10 June 2021
Last updated 10 June 2021