Year 9 and 10 Dance


​​​​​​​​​​​​​We study The Creative Arts because we want to create and communicate ideas and stories through sound, movement, words and images. We work individually, and in groups, to inspire understanding​ and happiness in ourselves and our audiences​​​​.

Subject description​

Studying the art of dance is to learn the language of movement as it expresses and interconnects the essence of communication. Dance education serves to stimulate conscious understanding of the language of movement and to develop aesthetic knowledge and skills in movement expression.

What it will help students do​​​​

Education in dance provides students with thought-provoking experiences that combine many art forms and disciplines. The results of learning dance include the instrumental benefits of physical health, emotional maturation, social awareness, cognitive development, and academic achievement along with a creative outlet in a kinaesthetic learning style. Learning the art of dance is a full, enriching, and physically joyful experience.​​

Skills develo​ped

  • Performance qualities 
  • Choreography skills 
  •  Communication skills 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Motivation and Commitment
  • Time-management skills 
  •  A healthy self-image 
  • Self-discipline 
  • A goal-oriented approach to work 
  • Adaptability and flexibility ​

​​Out of class requireme​​​​nts

Students will be required to rehearse, polish and choreography dance in their own time. They will also be required to complete written assessment components at home. 

What’s important for this subje​​ct?

  • Having enthusiasm for dance
  • Confidence to perform in front of peers, having a ​basic level of co-ordination.

Course Outline & Assessment​​

​​​​Year 9
​Year 10​
​Unit 1 - Dance me a story:
Telling stories though movements and expression​

Task 1: Choreography task of a contemporary dance performed in pairs

Task 2: Analytical exam deconstructing a contemporary dance piece focusing on choreographic intent ​​
​Unit 1 - Those who have come before: 
​Exploring the pioneers of contemporary dance and how their contributions has shaped dance today

Task 1: Chorography taking direct inspirations from a pioneer’s style in pairs

Task 2: Comparative analysis essay comparing past and modern pioneer inspired contemporary dances
​​Unit 2 - All The Jazz: 
Exploring the world of musical theatre dance through performance skills

Task 1: Performance of a teacher devised musical theatre dance focusing on movement and style
​​​​Unit 2 - Music Videos: 
Creating a group music video through hip hop and jazz dance

Task 1: Choreography task of a hip hop or jazz solo

Task 2: Performance task of a teacher devised hip hop/jazz dance with a music video focus


​​Year 11 Courses and Prerequisites​
​​​To study Dance in Year 11 - C or better in Year 10 English; C or better in Year 10 Dance; Dance in Practice ​​

​​​​Extra-Curricular Opportunities​
​Junior Dance Troupe – Year 7/8/9
Senior Dance Troupe – Years 10/11/12
Eisteddfod, excursions, performances

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Last updated 30 April 2024