Year 11 and 12 Agricultural Practices





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Subject Desc​​​ription

Agricultural Practices provides opportunities for students to explore, experience and learn knowledge and practical skills valued in agricultural workplaces and other settings. Through these learning experiences, students build their understanding of expectations for work in agricultural settings and develop an understanding of career pathways, jobs and other opportunities available for participating in and contributing to agricultural activities.


​Unit 1
Unit 2​​
​Unit 3
​​Unit 4​
​​Module 1: Plant production

This module addresses plant selection, production and the different products produced. Students develop an understanding of the characteristics of a healthy plant along with the causes, prevention and treatment of ill health.​
Module 3:

This module investigates fencing requirements for stock health and security in animal production. Student develop skills in applying work place health and safety procedures for working with fencing equipment and materials. ​
​Module 5: Animal Husbandry

This module explores how husbandry techniques are required for animal production, including preparing and presenting livestock for showing.

​Module 7:
Paddock to plate

This module investigates factors that affect animal growth and development, including market requirements and procedures for the quality assessment of products. ​
​​​Module 2:
Animal identification and health

This module focuses on the identification of animal breeds for production and specific animals for husbandry; the characteristics of a healthy animal; and the causes, prevention and treatment of ill health. The module also addresses work place health and safety and procedures for working with animals in yards.​
​Module 4:
Animal Products

This module focuses on the processes carried out on the farm and/or at market to produce a product that meets consumer demands and expectations whilst maintaining all rules and regulations for the industry. ​
Module 6:
Plant Production

This module focuses on plant industries and employment opportunities, while gaining a deeper understanding of propagation systems and relevant factors affecting plant growth. ​
Module 8:
Issues of reproduction

This module addresses the issues of reproductive systems and processes of different animals, with a focus on reproductive techniques and issues with these processes.


​Unit 1​
​Unit 2
​Unit 3​
​​Unit 4
​​Module 1: Investigation
Students identify and investigate a summer crop grown in the South East region of Queensland that is best suited to producing a specific product or products.​
Module 3: Project
Plan and construct a section of fence line for a designated paddock.
​Module 5: Project 
Manage, prepare and show an animal over the course of the ​module. ​
Module 7: Investigation
Plan and conduct an investigation to effectively manage and grow an animal suitable for our school to meet market requirements for a product produced. ​
​​​Module 2: Extended response​
Respond to a question or statement about provided stimulus materials.
Module 4: Collection of work
Complete a series of tasks based on processes involved in animal production that are carried out on the farm or at market to ensure a quality end product that addresses consumer demands and expectations for a product that is produced at school.
​Module 6: Collection of work
Complete a series of tasks based on plant production.​​
Module 8: Examination
Used to determine student achievement.

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