​​​Minh Dang, Vietnam (ISP student 2020-2021) ​

I started my ISP at Bribie Island State High School in 2019 (year 10) and then transferred to Burpengary State Secondary College in 2020 (year 11) when my family moved to the area.

I have enjoyed my time at BSSC, the staff and students were really friendly and I felt welcomed. Before I came to Australia, I was nervous about travelling away from home. I feel that I have learned to be more independent so when I do return home to Vietnam, I will be able to travel solo and have confidence in doing so. I will complete my year 12 studies at BSSC in 2021 and hope to continue on in Brisbane attending University at QUT.

Takuryu Takahashi, Japan (10 month ISP student, 2020)

Before coming to Australia, I struggled to communicate with others and was worried about the language barrier. I soon learned that it was important to communicate with others, and I had many Australian friends.

My homestay dad treated me like family, we had a great father-son relationship, and I could talk to him about anything. Burpengary State Secondary College has a great learning environment, lots of space and the teachers are friendly, supportive and are great at listening, especially the Homestay Coordinator. Now that my English skills have increased significantly, I plan to attend University in Japan and will take all classes in English. I hope to return to BSSC one day.

Reiko Mitamura, Japan (10 month ISP student, 2020)

My time at Burpengary State Secondary College was amazing. I was able to be a part of the school musical by playing the piano, it was incredible to be a part of such a wonderful program! Each performance was unique and special and will always be a memory that I will treasure. My host family were kind, friendly and supportive during my stay with them, I will miss them when I return home. Being away from home during a Pandemic was very stressful, but my host family and host school was extremely supportive. I can highly recommend Burpengary State Secondary College!

​Mitsuki Sato, Japan (10 month ISP student, 2019)

My study experience at Burpengary State Secondary College was amazing. The cultural adjustment was a little hard at first, but my homestay family made me feel welcome straight away and included me as a part of their family. They always made me smile and made me happy to come home after school. 

I was very shy when I came to Australia and now when I return to Japan, I will have the confidence to speak with anyone about any topic and feel more independent. I will miss my friends and homestay family very much. I hope to return to Brisbane in the future to attend University. 

Yuri Tanaka, Japan (3 month ISP student, July 2019)

I have visited Queensland twice before on study tours and was excited to return to complete my program at Burpengary State Secondary College. I am shy so have always found it hard to talk to people.

The support I received from my homestay, as well as students, teachers and staff at BSSC helped me be able to practice my English, make friends and get help with my assessments. I really enjoyed my Psychology class the most – the teacher explained difficult words to me to help me understand. I will miss my time at BSSC! 

Emu Tokunaga, Japan​ (3 month ISP student, July 2019)

Attending classes at Burpengary State Secondary College was a wonderful experience as the school has lots of open space! Classes were fun, my teachers were helpful and local students were kind.&

My host mother and I talked for many hours about lots of things and I enjoyed cooking with her the most. Travelling on public transport was a challenge for me as I did not feel confident in my English ability, however after many talks practicing my English with my host mum, I have become more confident within myself to be able to travel anywhere on my own. One day, I hope to return to Brisbane to attend University and study Art.

Where are they now?

Aine Uchino, Japan (3 month ISP student, March 2019)

Aine visited Australia in March 2022 to catch up with her Homestay family and visit with her BSSC school teachers. Since leaving BSSC, Aine returned home to Japan to complete her final studies at High School. In April 2021, she started studying Liberal Arts at Tokyo International Christian University, where she will study until 2024.

“My hope is​ to return to Brisbane in the future and possibly do an Exchange Program with QUT, and then possibly move to Australia permanently. For any students thinking about an International Student Program, you cannot go past Burpengary SSC; the International Program is small and unique so you are looked after & the staff are friendly and kind. I will treasure my time at BSSC”.

Last reviewed 07 December 2022
Last updated 07 December 2022