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BYOx Program Information

​BYOx Overview

BYOx at Burpengary State Secondary College involves students bringing adigital device into the classroom in order support and enrich their learning. Students will be encouraged to utilise their BYOx device in all of their classes as digital technologies and experiences will feature heavily across all curriculum areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of device is needed?

Junior BYOx (Year 7, 8 & 9)
From 2020 the College is supporting both Windows and iPad IOS devices. This means that students will be able to bring either a Windows Laptop or an iPad to support their learning.
Senior BYOx (Year 10, 11 & 12)
Given the rigour and nature of our senior subjects the College currently supports Windows based devices only. iPads are not reccomended for our senior students.

What Software is needed?

Antivirus and the Office suite are the only requirement which parents/students must source themselves. Office is free for students within EQ schools and can be licensed using your student's EQ login details.

What technical support is offered at the school?

Our technician is able to offer tier 1 support which means that students will be able to received quick fixes, advice and technical guidance. Any warranty or repair work will need to be sourced from the supplier of the device. 

Can the device be charged at school?

No, charging cables present a health and safety risk. It is recommended to have devices with long battery lives to last through the day.

What will stop students accessing inappropriate content?

Once connected to our school network the same level of filtering and traffic blocking is applied to a student BYOx device which ensures student devices cannot access inappropriate material. Other forms of access will be dealt with through behaviour management strategies.

Can the device be stored somewhere safe?

Yes, we have storage cabinets located in Information Services and Students can check their laptop in with our Information Services Manager for a lunch break or most of the day.

Who pays for damage if it’s broken?

All cases of damage will be investigated thoroughly by the school and all involved parties will be informed.

Does the laptop replace pen and paper?

No, a laptop is a powerful educational tool and will supplement existing teaching strategies. Handwriting, notetaking and sketching are still going to be taught and used even within a digital curriculum environment.